Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry X-mas

>So the last time I was here was on the 15th of November, wow seems like yesterday lool. Well am here and back with more to tell you if you haven't been following me on what I've been doing. <br>
First up is uni, man the work at uni is too much and I mean that in a good way I really do enjoy it. Everything about it. Especially Wednesday lesson, probably because we are putting on a show and am excited about that. The show is spanning 3 weeks during January so if you lot want to come you can, Although I will have to get back to you on the dates and all. </p>
<p>My acting and music are I would say more or less on the same lines of each other but music is probably that bit forward. I don't know if you know or if I have mentioned it but me and my boy Workout were supposed to put out a mixtape on November but due to the both of us being busy with other things we had to push back our joint mixtape to the 25 th of December yep which was yesterday. I am glad that we pushed it back because we got to spend more time on it and I feel that everyone wi love it it has enough content on there for you all to enjoy so i know that you will enjoy it, I also thought to make promo vids for the mixtape and so we did that and made it into four parts and the last one being a day before the mixtape came out. 

This is the link to the mixtape. (You will completely enjoy it)

ATRCU or the red cloud unit as I called it previously are now making big moves for the new year and now we have a full plan of what is going to happen. But of course I can't share that with you unless your with the team lool.

What I have planned is my 3rd mixtape yep that's right, that's what am looking on now I need to get it out and need to plan on what's going on on it. But I will sort that all out.

Now I know today is x-mas but I don't know why I just feel like every1 is against me or maybe that's just me but hey ill take a walk and clear my head later on.
Well now I will leave you with a merry Xmas and the final video of our promo, be sure to check out the other vids too.