Saturday, 28 April 2012

A big catch up

Well as u can see it has been a long time since I have actually wrote something on here so now am gonna. Well a has happened as you will know that life holds a lot for you that is just waiting right around the corner. Well after the release of the "workoutfobiah" we found that there was a lot of people that loved it including our group of course. A lot of people like "chillin & relaxin" and others loved "killin the beat" & "make you listen" and I can see why. (if you haven't already then check out the mixtape you will love it) But yeah we had a lot of positive feed back from it and not only that the downloads that we have is big for us spanning 219 downloads which like I said is pretty big for us. And anyone that has downloaded it I would give you a big thank you, we how to get others listing to it as well. Well apart from music, most of jan I was rehearsing for a play that we had to do as part as our uni course and the play was based on "Antigone" an old greek play. We started before the holidays but the whole of jan is when we were really on the ball with it. I played a wise old man which I liked and enjoyed playing as I did find a common interest (no homo) with that character. The play was on the 27th of jan and wow we had a very good response from it and I really enjoyed play the old wise guy. Well after the play lets so a week or so, I got a call from one on my uni friends about a play and to see if I would be interested in being a part of the play. So I was like yeah sure am up for that. The character that they wanted me to play was "god". Now I know what your thinking and I can assure that I was thinking the same but I did take up the role and thought that this type of role could help me in the future u never know. So got it to the full swing of the play and so I met the person that wrote it and what he wanted (Koop guy) and so I was just really looking forward to it. Performance and man it was really good a lot of people enjoyed it and loved it which is what you like to hear. Well after that its more music and now ATRCU we are now going to release our new mixtape called "Sharingan Squard" which is out 2morrow and boy this will be something different check it 2morrow, I will post the link. Also on music a, getting ready to get my 3rd mixtape out now as I have been sitting on it for a long time, but that was to deal with money and finding a good studio but boy again you are not ready for this mayn lol. I have also just came back from a 10 meditation course and man I really do recommend it to people, but only if you have a strong and an open mind. It's called "vipassana" and it is really deep, it reqiues you to do a lot of observing of yourself and learning about yourself a lot more. So yeah am back baby am back loool. I shall post vids up that you need to see and share it round and comment on them. It really helps loool plus I'll shout you out. Looool pinky promise.