Saturday, 28 April 2012

A big catch up

Well as u can see it has been a long time since I have actually wrote something on here so now am gonna. Well a has happened as you will know that life holds a lot for you that is just waiting right around the corner. Well after the release of the "workoutfobiah" we found that there was a lot of people that loved it including our group of course. A lot of people like "chillin & relaxin" and others loved "killin the beat" & "make you listen" and I can see why. (if you haven't already then check out the mixtape you will love it) But yeah we had a lot of positive feed back from it and not only that the downloads that we have is big for us spanning 219 downloads which like I said is pretty big for us. And anyone that has downloaded it I would give you a big thank you, we how to get others listing to it as well. Well apart from music, most of jan I was rehearsing for a play that we had to do as part as our uni course and the play was based on "Antigone" an old greek play. We started before the holidays but the whole of jan is when we were really on the ball with it. I played a wise old man which I liked and enjoyed playing as I did find a common interest (no homo) with that character. The play was on the 27th of jan and wow we had a very good response from it and I really enjoyed play the old wise guy. Well after the play lets so a week or so, I got a call from one on my uni friends about a play and to see if I would be interested in being a part of the play. So I was like yeah sure am up for that. The character that they wanted me to play was "god". Now I know what your thinking and I can assure that I was thinking the same but I did take up the role and thought that this type of role could help me in the future u never know. So got it to the full swing of the play and so I met the person that wrote it and what he wanted (Koop guy) and so I was just really looking forward to it. Performance and man it was really good a lot of people enjoyed it and loved it which is what you like to hear. Well after that its more music and now ATRCU we are now going to release our new mixtape called "Sharingan Squard" which is out 2morrow and boy this will be something different check it 2morrow, I will post the link. Also on music a, getting ready to get my 3rd mixtape out now as I have been sitting on it for a long time, but that was to deal with money and finding a good studio but boy again you are not ready for this mayn lol. I have also just came back from a 10 meditation course and man I really do recommend it to people, but only if you have a strong and an open mind. It's called "vipassana" and it is really deep, it reqiues you to do a lot of observing of yourself and learning about yourself a lot more. So yeah am back baby am back loool. I shall post vids up that you need to see and share it round and comment on them. It really helps loool plus I'll shout you out. Looool pinky promise.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry X-mas

>So the last time I was here was on the 15th of November, wow seems like yesterday lool. Well am here and back with more to tell you if you haven't been following me on what I've been doing. <br>
First up is uni, man the work at uni is too much and I mean that in a good way I really do enjoy it. Everything about it. Especially Wednesday lesson, probably because we are putting on a show and am excited about that. The show is spanning 3 weeks during January so if you lot want to come you can, Although I will have to get back to you on the dates and all. </p>
<p>My acting and music are I would say more or less on the same lines of each other but music is probably that bit forward. I don't know if you know or if I have mentioned it but me and my boy Workout were supposed to put out a mixtape on November but due to the both of us being busy with other things we had to push back our joint mixtape to the 25 th of December yep which was yesterday. I am glad that we pushed it back because we got to spend more time on it and I feel that everyone wi love it it has enough content on there for you all to enjoy so i know that you will enjoy it, I also thought to make promo vids for the mixtape and so we did that and made it into four parts and the last one being a day before the mixtape came out. 

This is the link to the mixtape. (You will completely enjoy it)

ATRCU or the red cloud unit as I called it previously are now making big moves for the new year and now we have a full plan of what is going to happen. But of course I can't share that with you unless your with the team lool.

What I have planned is my 3rd mixtape yep that's right, that's what am looking on now I need to get it out and need to plan on what's going on on it. But I will sort that all out.

Now I know today is x-mas but I don't know why I just feel like every1 is against me or maybe that's just me but hey ill take a walk and clear my head later on.
Well now I will leave you with a merry Xmas and the final video of our promo, be sure to check out the other vids too.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ok ok yeah i know it been long, but for good reason

Ok ok yeah i know it been long, but for good reason. Ive started uni lool. But nah yeah i have n thats why i have not been posting anyting up really, uni is just killing me and other students. The second year is really packed but then again I didnt expect it to be a walk in the park I mean its uni after all.

Well from my last post i lot has been going on. Uni is one of them and music as well as acting lool o yeah. well music is moving up, my group Red clouds or how we are now known ATRCU have been moving up and making the group known. ever since the group meetings have been at my house everything has seemed to have moved forward. We are getting music done n getting a lot better.
First we relased our group mixtape and gave it to every one that saw us perform and we now have more people in the group now. So now its becoming bigger. Me and Elijah are still working on our joint mixtape and that had to get pushed back because of mine and his life style its all kinda busy on both halfs. BUT IT WILL COME OUT 25TH November, so you better look out for that. My mixtape is still being made, again its the times and uni that are in the way but it will get done but now it may have to be pushed back.

As for acting man, been getting a lot of auditions and been filming for a lot of short films so that keeps me on my toes. Also joined an acting work shop on wed every week which aint bad so i can see where i stand and how over actors perform and think which I think is good if you want to become better.

well thats it so far and now looking back it really does not seem a lot but trust me it is a lot lool foreal it is. But now i'll leave you with 'Rap Beat Cannibal'. This is what the team have been on. so instead of writing about it i'll show you what we are doing.

again comment and rate it, o and share it too.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Busy week!!!!

Yes i know it has been kind of long since i have posted anything and i have a perfect reason for that. Hey it was eid, and plus i was acting as well. Well to be honest i didn't really celebrate eid. ok now before you start to think that i was lying i wasn't, tho i celebrated my eid differently. You see i had to do some acting the three days it was eid so yep you can see what went down, i celebrated my eid acting while my family were munching down bag loads of food. If your thinking to your self "why is he complaining for he was acting" well thats becasue i love eatting i really do love eatting and thats why.

Well the acting that i had to do was for a short film called "Watch This" and the role i had was a lil party scene. Like the party scene in "House Party" were it was girls v boys well yeah i had to do something like that only difference is that it was a cussing match and so things kinda got a lil heated a bit but it was funny nevertheless. While i was doing that i stayed at my cousins "Kurtiss" because it was near his house and plus i rarely stay at his house. Hey family gotta stick together. So that was what my week was like last week and this week, well lets just see where it takes me. Looking to record a couple of tracks for me n elijah's joint mixtape. Man the excitement that is building up is too much i can't wait to show all of you. As it is i have finished one track and have started 2 new tracks, so the work rate is there don't worry i won't let you down (thumps up).
Oh snap i almost forgot to tell you guys. While i was doing my acting job i fell in love with a piano. It was in the cafe and i was like "hmmmm ok am gonna have a go at this" and as soon as i touched one of the white keys, i made a lil sample that could be used for a hip hop beat. Man when i tell you that i need a keyboard just to play around with and to make something up, man its too real.

But anyway i'll let you get back to what you was doing before my blog distract you. but i'll leave you with a acting video. Yes i know what i said. But this time since i've done a lot of acting, i'll show you something that i have done. So i hope that you enjoy this.
Its a short film about being "Young, Black and British".

Young, black and British from Yula Tefa on Vimeo.

End of year project, LCC Productions.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoooo yo yo I quick post just saying a happy eid Mubarak to all my fellow Muslim bro and sis. Hope you all had a nice Ramadan and have gained and learned something new. So to all hope you have a nice eid and may Allah guide you. And here is a lil something that I done for the street summer thing for channel 4, just a quick 8 bars for a solo rap part on the track, so if you like it then vote for me and take part your self too. And again feel free to comment and rate. Yay yay

Friday, 26 August 2011

Some of the last days of fasting

Well its been quite some time since I have posted anything on here, well its only been five days but still that's quite some time. Between that time I have been kinda busy and yes I mean it when I say it lol. This week has been very interesting and busy at the same time which has kept my mind working up a sweat. This week my and my bro have been pretty independent which is nothing for me as am used to being alone and being with people. That's just how I work. I've had to take the role of being the man of the house which I actually enjoyed, cooked, cleaned, took care of things that needed to be taken cared of. Eh I'll be a sick husband lool. Wednesday met up with my team Red Clouds had a little chill session and discussing our music not only that my cuz came down too for the day and so I knew it would be a day to remember. And I was right because on Wednesday my cuz, my friend and my bros friend came round and we just made a night of it. Cracking jokes, watching films and playing ps3 (coz Xbox sucks). Made dinner for everyone and this went on till the night was still young. My cuz stayed over and boy was that a night lol. We didn't go to sleep till 5 in the morning. Well enough of what I've been doing, I wonna know what you lots have been doing and yes I mean you who is reading this right now thinking if am talking to you now lol. Well my next post will most probably tell you more about my acting as something is going down on Sunday, by I'll keep that as a hush hush. And know another one of my music videos. This track is called "Sweet Thing". It was inspired to me by two girls and so that how I made this track. So now I bless you with this track and again i hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment and rate. Kool kool Snap I also forgot to mention this track is also on my 1st mixtape. Enjoy.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The week so far (the Prince of Wales came to Croydon)

Ahhh the week so far, well from my last post. My week so far have been a productive week, near everyday i have had something productive to do or have made something productive. Most of my time i have been thinking about how many verses i need to write for my third mixtape and for the other artists that what to collab with me. Like in my last post my n my boy Elijah have discussed plans for our joint mixtape and we have been going back and forth with ideas that we what on the mixtape. I decided to make a list of tracks that i still need to write for, because i thought that i could be smart and remember everything that i needed to write for but nope lool didn't work for me. Away from music, work has been good to me, we had the price of wales come and visit Croydon though we all know he just came to make himself look good. And come on you know that i know that you know this, and if you don't then now you do.

We also had youth groups paint a wooden wall in croydon to show people that are not from Croydon that Croydon is still a nice place to visit. Friday was a good day too, spent the day with my ex. Look i know what some of you may be thinking but me and her are kool (yes i know i spelt it wrong but yo it looks better like this) plus it wosn't just me and her, it was me, her, her two cousins and my bro so we all had a good day. Also for the past three days i've seen my habibti, i know that some of you may think thats a bit much but for me it really aint. I guess its just how you have a relationship with that person and how you build together as a couple.

But yes enough of that for now, and lets pay attention to another track for this post.
Again this track is old and it on my first mixtape which you can get from this link here -> ( ITS FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
This track is called"Don't Come To Me Pt.2" and basicly this is a track where I will show you my skill as an MC and how I command the beat. For this I will show you my Flow, Punchlines, content, wordplay, rhyme scheme and then just totally killin' the track lol.
so enough with the talking and here is the track.

Please feel free to rate and comment. kool kool