Saturday, 20 August 2011

The week so far (the Prince of Wales came to Croydon)

Ahhh the week so far, well from my last post. My week so far have been a productive week, near everyday i have had something productive to do or have made something productive. Most of my time i have been thinking about how many verses i need to write for my third mixtape and for the other artists that what to collab with me. Like in my last post my n my boy Elijah have discussed plans for our joint mixtape and we have been going back and forth with ideas that we what on the mixtape. I decided to make a list of tracks that i still need to write for, because i thought that i could be smart and remember everything that i needed to write for but nope lool didn't work for me. Away from music, work has been good to me, we had the price of wales come and visit Croydon though we all know he just came to make himself look good. And come on you know that i know that you know this, and if you don't then now you do.

We also had youth groups paint a wooden wall in croydon to show people that are not from Croydon that Croydon is still a nice place to visit. Friday was a good day too, spent the day with my ex. Look i know what some of you may be thinking but me and her are kool (yes i know i spelt it wrong but yo it looks better like this) plus it wosn't just me and her, it was me, her, her two cousins and my bro so we all had a good day. Also for the past three days i've seen my habibti, i know that some of you may think thats a bit much but for me it really aint. I guess its just how you have a relationship with that person and how you build together as a couple.

But yes enough of that for now, and lets pay attention to another track for this post.
Again this track is old and it on my first mixtape which you can get from this link here -> ( ITS FREEEEEEE!!!!!!
This track is called"Don't Come To Me Pt.2" and basicly this is a track where I will show you my skill as an MC and how I command the beat. For this I will show you my Flow, Punchlines, content, wordplay, rhyme scheme and then just totally killin' the track lol.
so enough with the talking and here is the track.

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