Thursday, 8 September 2011

Busy week!!!!

Yes i know it has been kind of long since i have posted anything and i have a perfect reason for that. Hey it was eid, and plus i was acting as well. Well to be honest i didn't really celebrate eid. ok now before you start to think that i was lying i wasn't, tho i celebrated my eid differently. You see i had to do some acting the three days it was eid so yep you can see what went down, i celebrated my eid acting while my family were munching down bag loads of food. If your thinking to your self "why is he complaining for he was acting" well thats becasue i love eatting i really do love eatting and thats why.

Well the acting that i had to do was for a short film called "Watch This" and the role i had was a lil party scene. Like the party scene in "House Party" were it was girls v boys well yeah i had to do something like that only difference is that it was a cussing match and so things kinda got a lil heated a bit but it was funny nevertheless. While i was doing that i stayed at my cousins "Kurtiss" because it was near his house and plus i rarely stay at his house. Hey family gotta stick together. So that was what my week was like last week and this week, well lets just see where it takes me. Looking to record a couple of tracks for me n elijah's joint mixtape. Man the excitement that is building up is too much i can't wait to show all of you. As it is i have finished one track and have started 2 new tracks, so the work rate is there don't worry i won't let you down (thumps up).
Oh snap i almost forgot to tell you guys. While i was doing my acting job i fell in love with a piano. It was in the cafe and i was like "hmmmm ok am gonna have a go at this" and as soon as i touched one of the white keys, i made a lil sample that could be used for a hip hop beat. Man when i tell you that i need a keyboard just to play around with and to make something up, man its too real.

But anyway i'll let you get back to what you was doing before my blog distract you. but i'll leave you with a acting video. Yes i know what i said. But this time since i've done a lot of acting, i'll show you something that i have done. So i hope that you enjoy this.
Its a short film about being "Young, Black and British".

Young, black and British from Yula Tefa on Vimeo.

End of year project, LCC Productions.

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